Ed-vise Episode 30

What a great day to be ALIVE!!! Yo-yo-yo and welcome to another Ed-vise Episode!

Monday Musing Ed-vise today

Bit of blaspheme today. Now, settle down all you evangelicals. It’s not that type.

Want to chat a bit about leadership this week and a bit of something that’s been on my mind lately having to do with leadership consultants.

Plenty of them out there. Throw a rock on google and you’ll hit half a dozen. What I see a lot of are leadership consultants that come out of the military. Especially out of the special ops community.

Now, don’t get me wrong these guys have a pretty solid grip on the leadership thing. All politics aside, when you read their story or hear their Ted Talk you can understand why they went into the leadership consulting field…and command a pretty high price.

One of the things I notice when it comes to this type consulting has to do with the ability for it to stick. See, the military invests a lot of money and time in the development and training of their leaders. Day in and day out, their leaders are training to, well, be better leaders. There are several factors involved in making these leaders good leaders. When it comes to the heat of battle and making leadership decisions under fire, these people have been training for quite some time, for such events.

When it comes to business life back home, most businesses do not have the same situation. Stars of military type leadership were in a situation where it is all or nothing. Meaning life or death. Contrary to popular belief, the business world is not. It is not about life or death. If a person doesn’t like something, they can leave. If a manager doesn’t like someone, they can fire them. Nobody killed; no loss of limb or eyesight.

So, if you, as a business executive, are looking to invest the money into bringing in a military leader, make sure you know the purpose. Is it to motivate or is it to train your leaders? Also keep in mind that your leaders are not in combat operations. I’m just sayin


That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember if you do not vote you lose your legal right to bitch!


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