Ed-vise Episode 55

An “I Can’t Drive 55” GOOD MORNING to you all from Seaside! Apologies for not posting yesterday. I was caught up in seeing family I hadn’t seen in a bit.

Today’s bit o trivia: Black Friday. It’s called Black Friday because it relates to the bookkeeping a business does at the end of the year. See bookkeepers back in the day, used to use pencil, pen and ink to fill in the numbers on the balance sheet. Well, if the business had a loss of profit, the final number would be red. Hence the phrase you might hear once in a while “operating in the red.” Meaning we are operating the business in a manner that will result in a loss. If the business made profit, the number was written in black. Meaning it would be a great Christmas. So, Black Friday is the hope that businesses have of a rush in shoppers to make up any losses so the business finishes in the black. So, SHOP LOCAL; SHOP SMALL BUSINESSES!!!


Free For All Friday Ed-vise today

I read the opinion in the Supreme Court case from New York about the lifting of the religious gatherings restrictions. New Court; New Opinions; and New Emotional Opinions to cloud the mind and heart.

I look at the opinion differently. Glass half full kinda guy here!

Here’s my controversial opinion on the state “lockdowns”: The states are not taking the virus serious. If they were, they would lock it down COMPLETELY! However, when they went to an “essential” and “non-essential” worker along with the zones and the number of people that could interact with each other, you could tell that the exceptions had eaten up the rule and created mass confusion. Thus, the governors weren’t taking this seriously.

New York was no exception. According to the facts of the case, religious neighborhoods were INTENTIONALLY zoned as high risk areas. Hmmm. Not good. Then, shortly before the case went in front of the Big Court, Cuomo changed the risk level… just like that.

But then, there comes the part about not taking the virus serious: Some businesses could have more people, some could have less, some were essential, some non-essential and on and on and on. So, court says “Nope!”

Now, people are blowing up all over the place and being crazy critical. But, here’s the thing: The court laid out how to do it correctly AND they set up for other businesses to get around the restriction. See, if a church gets to have 30 people but a gym doesn’t, then, you end up ADVANCING a religion! Read the first amendment! I’m just sayin

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember a communist joke is not funny unless everyone gets it!


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