Ed-vise Episode 61

Another Seaside Oregon GOOOODD MORNING! in the tone of Adrian Cronauer in “Good Morning Vietnam”

Today’s bit o trivia: Gotta give props to Chuck Yeager. Mr. “Right Stuff” himself. He passed away last night at 97. Coming out of West Virginia to fight the “Big War” he started out as an aircraft mechanic. Why? Because he grew up on a farm and could drive a tractor probably. Eventually applied and attained enlisted pilot status and flew sorties out of England at the Germans. Wasn’t too happy with all the missions as some, well, let’s say it’s a good thing we won the war. He broke the sound barrier in the X-1 plane while dealing with broken ribs. I’m sure his wife, Ms. Glennis Dickhouse (named his WW2 plane after) was not too pleased about that. Still, he did it. No college; arguably the best pilot around. Fly to Valhalla as walking is beneath you Sir. Fair well.


Tech Talk Tuesday Ed-vise today

I listened to a podcast on the drive over here to Seaside. It was an interview with Roger Martin who used to be the dean of Rotman School of business in Canadia.

He pointed out something to me that resonated (along with several other things). That “something” was Integrative Thinking. I’ll call it IT for short.

See, IT thinking challenges the person to take off the black and white decision lenses and come up with better options. This happens to be a thing that MBA programs do NOT want to happen. Black and white is what the MBA programs teach because that is the belief that, somehow, has been handed down class after class.

When it comes to decisions, especially business decisions, we approach the decision from an all or nothing perspective. And, we approach this from a history of what we have learned. Profit or loss; in or out; Democrate or Republican. This type decision thinking creates silos of thinking so much that an entity, like the CIA, cannot effectively deal with random chaos and, instead, relies on outside thinkers and consultants.

The better idea is to look at things holistically to come up with better choices. More options continuously refined allow for much better conversations and much better solutions. I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember a Three Year Old takes absolute joy out of fitting herself into a plastic tote!


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