Ed-vise Episode 73

This is it! The last one for 2020! GOOD MORNING TO YOU ALL!!! And may 2021 be better than you think it can be!

Today’s bit o trivia: Off Sides. Huh? Yup. Off Sides. At least for soccer (or futbol) fans. I couldn’t tell you the number of times I thought about this while playing soccer in my younger days. Didn’t ever really know what it was as I was a goalie. The way it works is that you need an opponent between you and the goal if (and that is a big IF) you receive the ball. If you receive the ball and there is no defender between you and the goal, once you touch the ball you are offsides. Too easy. Why would anyone want a rule like that? Well, it prevents what the NBA calls “Cherry Picking” where a person waits in the back court and the team throws the ball down court to the waiting score. Don’t know why teams don’t become better at man defense… but whatever.


Think About it Thursday Ed-vise today

Seems fitting that the last blog of 2020 would be a Think About It episode. But, that is what I hope you will do, think about it. Ponder it, and, hopefully, act on it.

Well, did you get done what you wanted to get done this year?

Yes, I know we had a little set-back with the pandemic and stuff. Did you let that stop you from achieving what you wanted to get done? What you wanted to create; what you wanted to get better at; who you wanted to become?

For me, I can say I probably did not complete my goals. Why? Because I wrote them down somewhere and NEVER LOOKED AT THEM AGAIN! C’mon Man!

Yup, all the reading and research I have done about achieving anything always say to keep the goal/ objective in front of you. Guess what? I didn’t even do the easiest step of keeping the goal in front of me (head in hands moment).

This day/ evening I hope you will think about your goals. If you don’t have any then, I believe you can stop wondering why you feel anxious or like you are in the doldrums. It doesn’t matter what the goal might be. The only thing that matters is you trying to become better than you already are. AT ANYTHING!

If you become a better person, the world becomes a better place. I’m just saying

That’s it for this year. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step… so take a step!


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