Ed-vise Episode 156

A great run GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Getting stronger on the morning run followed with some kettle bells! Great to be working out.

Today’s bit o trivia: People v. Hall 4 Cal. 399 (1854). If you ever want to read a really racist California Supreme Court case, it’s this one. See, Mr. Hall was convicted of murdering a Chinese man. He was convicted on the testimony of people who were standing there and watched while he did it. Hall shot him. The witnesses observed the argument and observed Hall take out a gun and shoot the man dead. Broad daylight. Well, these witnesses were also Chinese. On appeal, the California Supreme Court set Hall free because the court reasoned that the law in California which prohibited black Indian peoples from testifying in court, also applied to Chinese. And MAN did they reach on that!


What Would You Do Wednesday Ed-vise today! Man I do love Wednesday

Get ready for it business owners and family folks. Get ready for it. You know it’s already coming.

With recent COVID trends, mask mandates are being relaxed and/or lifted. Meaning masks may or may not be required in stores. A bit of side bar: if the governments say they won’t require masks, a small business CAN still require it.

The other day I was in Home Depot. Walking up and down the aisles of toys. I noticed people without masks. That’s fine because I was paying attention to the mask mandates from the governor’s office. The first person I saw I began to think “Great! They are probably vaccinated.” Same with the second and third and so on and so on.

What I also noticed was the semi-smug look of arrogance that seemed to radiate from them.

So, get ready business owners and managers. The second wave of “Nobodies Gonna Tell Me What To Put On My Face!” is coming. You can already see it as one business in this region wanted to re-open but required masks. People lost their absolute minds on this proposition. They sent so much hate posts on Facebook that the business decided it was best to not open. SERIOUSLY?

To the customers I say “HOUSE RULES.” Meaning if the House mandates a dress code, abide by it or don’t show up but keep your cowardly remarks in your skull.

To the business owners, start or continue doing Table Top Scenarios with your employees. Give them the freedom and support to handle an already bad situation when a customer loses their mind. After all, it’s a policy you put in place. The least you can do is support those enforcing it. I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember that a woman with a taser…is stunning! (Hard exhale with deep snorting inhale laugh).


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