Ed-vise Episode 175

A warm morning run GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! It’s FRIDAY BABY!!! Yessiree bob and my son is learning some tough lessons about buying a used truck for $600. Life is full of lessons.

Free For All Friday Ed-vise today. Because it’s PIZZA NIGHT!

Want to chat a bit about the recent decision by the Supreme Court in California v. Texas.

Now, I need you to pay attention on this one.

See, Red States HATE, and I do mean HATE three letters: A-C-A. Mention those three letters and Red States lose their ever loving minds. It would not surprise me if they moved to remove A and C from the ‘Merican language.

For whatever reason the Christian value of “love thy neighbor” does not relate to medical care…but I digress.

So, Texas (God bless Texas) along with a few other Red States filed suit in an effort to get ACA overturned. Supreme Court turned the suit away.

The press is tilting the narrative on this so PAY ATTENTION!

The decision is NOT a victory for the ACA. The suit was turned away on a PROCEDURAL issue NOT on substantive law. Meaning, if someone has standing, they CAN bring the suit up to the court AGAIN.

So, get after your representatives to fix the ACA in order to avoid the possibility of losing ACA to someone that WILL have standing.

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember hot is ALWAYS faster than cold…because you can CATCH a cold. That’s free Ed-vise right there!


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