Ed-vise Episode 285

A need to pack GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, need to pack for my trip down to So. Cal. to see my pops and mom. Procrastination is my middle name so it will probably happen tonight…much to my Spousal Support Units dislike.

Think About it Thursday Ed-vise today. Because it’s THURSDAY! Time to think.

In case you missed it, the SU-Preme Court was hearing a case about Mississippi’s abortion ban at 15 weeks. Based on the politics of the court, Roe v. Wade is going to be overturned. Congratulations to the evangelicals! Once again doing all they can to make Good Ol’ ‘Merica just like Afghanistan…only “Christian” instead.

In all actuality, Roe was a far reaching decision and it’s days were numbered. Reason being is the fragile nature of finding the mother’s rights of privacy over the unborn fetus. Furthermore, it really overreached the bounds between state and federal rights. Very much the way Obergefell steps on states rights when it comes to gay marriage. Watch out, that decision may also end up overturned.

The topic of abortion is such a delicate and sensitive issue. I have two daughters. I dread a time that they would come to me and ask if they should get an abortion. Why? Because I would like grandchildren. However, no mater what, I know I will support whatever choice they make. Because that is who I am.

The choice of an abortion is not a decision a woman takes lightly. It weighs heavy on her heart. It does so probably in the same manner as choosing to have the baby. Especially if she CANNOT AFFORD IT! What is worse the baby never born OR the baby unwanted?

Think About It for a minute. If you go to a prison and talk with those serving hard time, I will bet you dollars to donuts you will find a prisoner whose mother probably did not want them. And, after a life of continued rejection, they decided to commit crime. Which is worse? Do not tell me that “you cannot compare murders.” BULLSHIT! We do it all the time! Killing a child will get a person more time than killing an invalid adult. Dismembering a body will get you more time than poisoning someone. Shit, claim self defense and you can kill several people and get away with it. YOU STILL KILLED SOMEONE.

For me, I say let the decision of abortions go to the states. Overturn Roe. Let the women have the babies and place those babies on the doorsteps of those Evangelical churches. Little basket with a blanket. Picture every Sunday when those hypocrites walk up to their mosques, oops, I mean church, and sitting on the steps is that little bundle of joy. Maybe even 10 or 20 bundles. Just swaddled up with a bottle. You think any of them will bother to pick one up? Doubt it. And to think it was probably one of THEIR sons who knocked up the young mom who had to leave that child because she couldn’t provide for it.

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember people in Athens hate getting up early because DAWN is tough on GREECE! Wait for it…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


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