Ed-vise Episode 15

A cut my thumb GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, cutting potatoes last night for dinner and darn it if that knife didn’t cut my thumb. Stupid Thumb! Get out of the way!

Monday Morning Ed-vise today. Cause it’s MONDAY! So GET AFTER IT!

Probably some of the best NFL games I’ve seen all season this weekend! And, after all of it and the upsets, we have three unlikely teams going at it to see which one will represent in the Super Bowl: Chiefs (likely), Bengals (unlikely), Rams (unlikely), and 49ers (unlikely).

Predictions: I’m gonna go with Rams and Chiefs. Rams cause I think Matt Stafford deserves a Super Bowl shot. He’s been a good quarterback his whole career. Just played for a lousy team (Lions). Chiefs…cause last night they played an AMAZING game!

OK, that aside, let’s get to some serious musings.

My son asked me if I was paying attention to what was happening in Ukraine. For those that don’t know, Russia, once again, are rattling sabers at their former republic, wanting them to come back to the fold. Thing is Ukraine doesn’t want to. Ukrainians don’t like Russia. Not that Russians are bad people, the government and Putin ARE bad people.

See, back in the 90s, when the Soviet Union broke up, Ukraine was one of those republics that made up the Union. When the republics went their own way, Ukraine had a SHIT TON of nuclear missiles. The Soviet Union parked the bulk of their missiles in Ukraine. Well, Ukraine wasn’t about to give them back to Russia and said if you try to take them by force, we will launch them at you.

That’s when George Bush (Papa Bush, not Jr.) said to Ukraine, “if you give US those nukes, we will protect you.” And so, we have been locked in to protecting Ukraine ever since.

Now, Russia backed some separatists at one point and they broke away the Northeast section of Ukraine. Russian troops never set foot in the country. The separatists used Russian “Consultants.” And Russia has a BUNCH of these “Consultants.” They are former Russian special operations units and they are EVERYWHERE to include South America!

So, my musings.

Russia mobilizes troops ALL THE TIME! ALL THE TIME! Constant war games and mobilizing to the borders of the various former republics. Constantly mobilizations to the borders of NATO countries. They do it all the time. Have been doing it since I can recall. Always in the fall and winter.

I will tell you this: NOBODY wants a war of THAT MAGNITUDE! NOBODY!!! Not even China. Everyone knows the devastation that will cause. Even the Russians; Even Putin. Putin, just like every ruler, has to answer to the people. His pole numbers are low and he knows they went up the when Russia took the Crimea Peninsula (Odessa Beach…beautiful place). That was then. Russia had few, if any casualties, at that time because Ukraine didn’t really have the ability to stop them. Now, they do. And when body bags start rolling through the streets with dead soldiers, that’s a lot of Russian mom’s mourning, and THAT IS a problem for ANY ruler. The Russians do love their children too (from Sting).

Rattling sabers and sanctions folks. Just like before

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember if you go into the office to work: HIDE. Because good employees are HARD TO FIND! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


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