Ed-vise Episode 42

A down in a windy So. Cal GOOD MORNING!!! to you all!!! Yup, made it to So. Cal. Disneyland to be exact. Celebrating Newbies 5th Birthday! Tomorrow.

Monday Musings Ed-vise today. Cause it’s MONDAY! So GET AFTER IT!

Listened to Lex Friedman Podcast on the drive down. Good thing about long drives is listening to long podcasts. His guest was Robert Proctor. A historian (man after my own heart) of science. Proctor brought up the notion of ”Cause of the Cause.” Or maybe it was Lex. Can’t recall who said it first.

Cause of the Cause? Yeah. Cause of the Cause. Basically along the lines of history that I like: How did we get here?

Once I was asked by a friend what my favorite era of history was. It wasn’t the first time being asked such a question. And, as expected, I did not have a clear answer. Why? Because I don’t have a favorite era. Every era has it’s pros and cons; it’s good and bad points. So, I never really pinned down an era. What I DO enjoy, in my studies of history is asking “How did we get to that (or this) point?”

For instance, the Ukraine Crisis. How did we get to this point today? Well, it’s because of Putin. OK, how did he become the problem? And on and on the conversation goes.

OR…how about cigarettes? Kill more than COVID on an annual basis. But, why do we have cigarettes? Who made the first one? Who managed to get the first group addicted? And on and on the conversation goes.

See, this is why we learn from history. The adage of ”Those who do not know history will be forced to repeat it” always holds true. We learn from our mistakes and we learn from past success.

So, how did I get here? Well, I came home for lunch one day and was seduced by Spousal Support Unit. Then, nine months later…Newbie was born. We have a tradition of 5th birthdays are done at Disneyland. And so, five years after being born…Newbie is going to Disneyland! And that is how I got here today.

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember there are fences around graveyards because people are DYING to get it! HAHAHAHAHAHA…BOOO


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