Ed-vise Episode 55

A getting excited for So. Cal Jits GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, you know it…going to do some jits in So. Cal…AGAIN!

Think About it Thursday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s THURSDAY! Time to THINK!

Was privileged yesterday to listen in on the Justice Jackson hearings.

I tell you what: THAT woman is S-M-A-R-T! When she gets on the bench (and she will) I hope she keeps that smartness.

In watching her responses to some of the absolutely IDIOTIC questions from Republi-morons, you could see how much time she has spent as a mom. I didn’t see her roll her eyes but the sighs of resignation to the fact she had to answer ANOTHER dumb question were very discernable. The tone in her voice of said to me “Did you REALLY just ask me that?”

She did an absolutely OUTSTANDING job of keeping her cool and not getting up from her seat to slap the shit out of someone who desperately needed it!

After two days of dumb questions there was one exchange that I could see got under her skin a bit. It had to do with one of the Republican Hypocrites (Sen. Hawley) asking if she regretted sentences she handed down on a couple child porn cases. Such questions had ALREADY been answered.

The question that really set me off from Asshole Hawley: SIDE NOTE: Let’s not forget HAWLEY’S SUPPORT OF JAN 6!

The question was about sentences handed down to child porn offenders: “Do you regret it?”

Think About It for a minute. Does a judge ever regret a sentence they give out?

I say that from time to time a judge DOES regret their decision. Their sentence.

That is the nature of their job. Remember, they are human.

A most heinous of crimes comes before Justice Jackson. A mother and spouse. The crime of child pornography. She, by law, MUST review the evidence. MUST! She has not choice. That means the videos and photos of children being raped go before her eyes. As a parent, one cannot help but want the absolute WORST for such a crime.

However, as a judge, Justice Jackson MUST put those emotions aside. Further, the person caught with such material, even if Red Handed, is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. Justice Jackson MUST keep that at the forefront of her mind. The State MUST prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the defendant is guilty. And the whole time, those pictures and videos are playing before her either live or in memory.

Once the State does it’s job, then comes the sentence. Three parties introduce reasons behind the amount of time for the guilty to serve: The State, The Probation Office, and The Defendant. Congress sets the range of time and gives the judge discretion (a choice) of how much time to give based on the arguments put forward by the Three. Judges don’t just pull a random number out of thin air.

The judge then hopes the sentence is enough to re-habilitate the defendant and deter future incidents.

When asked “Do you regret” the sentence given, I would have replied (of course hindsight being 20/20): I do not regret acting within the guidelines set forward by YOU CONGRESS. I DO regret that while I served on the sentencing panel, I could NOT compel YOU CONGRESS, to do your job and fix the sentencing guidelines.

And then I would say, I believe I have answered your question.

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember fish do not play basketball because they are…SCARED OF THE NET! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


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