Ed-vise: Not Enough Votes

A still windy GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, still blowing. Not as hard as yesterday but…still…STILL! Uggghhh. None the less, the windchime sounds pretty cool. So, I guess it’s not all bad.

Think About it Thursday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s THURSDAY! Time to THINK!

A bit of a correction from the last couple days.

Damar Hamlin did NOT have a heart attack. He had a cardiac arrest. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!

Heart attacks happen because of circulation issues. Meaning the heart isn’t getting enough blood.

Cardiac arrest happens because the heart isn’t getting the correct signals to pump. It’s an electrical issue versus a circulation issue.

Like I said, THEY ARE DIFFERENT! And you thought you wouldn’t get smart reading this!

Now, that being cleared up, let’s talk about the fiasco that is the House of Representatives. I mean…DA FAWK!

Well, not really. I mean the rest of the world saw this circus coming back in November.

So, what happens is the party that has the majority is supposed to elect a Speaker of the House. That person is actually second in line, behind the Vice President, for being President. It’s kind of a big deal.

The Speaker also has the duty of swearing in all of the representatives in the House. If the Speaker does not swear them in, technically, the representatives do NOT…represent. They are called Congressional Elects. And, they have little to no power to do much of anything. Meaning all the bills and laws and such do not get voted on. Meaning nothing gets done.

Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) was/is supposed to be the new Speaker. He needs a majority (simple) to be elected. The Republicans have 222 seats…the majority. Shouldn’t be a problem. Unless you are the party of T-Rump and his group of Merry and Hateful Q-ANON lovers!

That group that consists of the Adulterous Marge Greene; the Alleged Prostitute Boebert; and the Alleged Human Trafficker Gaetz to name a few. They are not voting in line with the rest of the Republicans. There are about 20 or so that keep nominating various people.

The Dems have 212 seats. Not a majority. They have their shit together and continue to nominate their candidate all together as one big happy family. And they keep laughing at the Trumplican Circus Monkeys. Unfortunately, they do not have enough to bring the vote 218.

Could they turn their vote over to McCarthy? Sure. But why should they? Afterall, just about every single Republican believes that T-Rump did absolutely NOTHING wrong in his 6 January attempted coup. Furthermore, when you Think About It the Republicans have done absolutely NOTHING to…Make America Great Again.

So, why on earth would anyone want to vote for a Republican like McCarthy that is one of the key leaders of such a shit show party?

If NOTHING gets done for the next two years, so be it. It is 100% on the Republicans and it should STAY with these bunch of losers. I say that knowing I am a registered Republican. Can you believe that! I just shake my head. It’s all I can do. That and wonder why Colorado, Georgia, Florida, and Texas (God bless Texas) keep electing alleged clowns and hookers. Ed-vise: Elect real ones. At least they will be honest with their intent!

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember it’s easy to love koala bears because they have many good…KOALA-TYS!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHA…get it?!?!


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