Ed-vise: Casework

A wonderful sleep GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, got some good sleep last night. Feeling rested and ready to go! Or, could be the coffee…who knows. None the less, GOOD MORNING!!!

Think About it Thursday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s THURSDAY! Time to THINK!

On the way into the office today I listened to a bit of news. Cause that’s what I do.

In particular, I listened to a bit of political type news…cause that’s what I do.

And, THAT is how I get so SMARTED.

I learned that our representatives have a big ass staff. That big ass staff does what they call “Casework.”

It goes like this.

We vote and elect a representative. Like for the House of Representatives. We basically hire them to go to DC and “represent” us to the federal government.

When we have a complaint or issue with stuff from the feds, we call our representative’s office. We say stuff like “where is my VA pension” or “why is the highway I travel all screwed up” or, as in one case “get my neighbor’s bees out of my backyard.” These are called Cases.

The representative’s staff then builds a file that represents your case. They then work to deal with your case. That is called Casework.

Now that we know the purpose of a representative, one of the “Cases” we can bring up is the attempt to ban gas powered stove tops.

Apparently the “click bait” has risen on this little topic.

A federal agency (NOT THE PRESIDENT) is considering a regulation on these.

Apparently a bit of research came out that the natural gas contributes to childhood asthma.

OK, fine. That’s the job of the Consumer Protection Bureau…protect us.

If we don’t like it, call your rep or send them an email. They are supposed to make a “case file”, look into the matter, and get back to you. Either to prevent it or let you know why this is a good thing.

That being understood, a representatives job is NOT to create a Shit Show. Which, unfortunately, is what is happening in today’s congress. Primarily in the House.

State and local issues are being shoved to the side to make way for committees that will get representatives on Faux (Fox) News.

Want to know why nothing gets done in Congress? Because representatives are more interested in getting their face on the news that they are in actually, well, REPRESENTING!

So, here is the Think part. Reps do the things that they believe their voters want done. If voters are more interested in the Clown Show than actual progress, don’t you think that would mean their district has NO ISSUES OF CONCERN? And, if they have NO ISSUES OF CONCERN then why do they receive ANY government benefits? You know, things like roads, communication lines, farm subsidies, water, sewer, fire, police.

I think they should take the benefits from the Alleged Hooker Boebert’s district and send it to fight human trafficking. But I know that won’t work because it would impact her buddy the Alleged Human Trafficker From Florida: Gaetz.

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Be the person a stranger would do CPR on. Check in on each other and remember a dog that loves getting it’s hair washed is a…SHAM-POODLE! HAHAHAHHAHA…I kill me!


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