Ed-vise: Rename FBI HQ

A good games GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, some good football this past weekend. Some terrible calls and non-calls by the refs but still, some really good football was played! Hope you caught it!

Monday Musings Ed-vise today. Cause it’s MONDAY! So GET AFTER IT!

MLK day today.

Martin Luther King that is.

For those wondering, the man who assassinated Dr. King was James Earl Ray. A bit of trivia for you all.

Just about every major city in the US has a Martin Luther King Jr. boulevard or street. Phoenix, I think, was the last one to name one. Strange that Phoenix would be the last one especially with having a big time Senator Goldwater who was very much pro civil rights.

Still, they were the last and they did not do it happily. I think they did it after the NFL said they would not bring in a team or something along those lines. Then, Phoenix finally did so.

You know what I think would have been a much more fitting thing to name after MLK? All of the FBI buildings. Or at least the main one which is named the J. Edgar Hoover building. It’s in DC.

See, Hoover, in my opinion, was a little shit who did more to stop civil rights than most think.

After prohibition, Hoover realized his band of misfits would be out of work. So, he needed to find another demon. He did so with the “Devil’s Weed” of marijuana. Lobbied his southern buddies to make it illegal. Reason it worked with his southern buddies was because marijuana was primarily smoked by people of color.

But his more sinister work was how he, PERSONALLY, weaponized the FBI against citizens of the United States.

Especially Martin Luther King.

See, Hoover’s backing came from southern congressional reps who held a LOT of power in congress. Still do.

So, to appease these descendants of traitors, he mobilized against just about everyone who was pro civil rights. Actually, anyone who was pro human decency.

He labelled them “Communists” so the House Committee on Un-‘Murican Activities would give him the go ahead to arrest people.

I think that if anyone was more Un-‘Murican, it was Hoover.

So, he put surveillance on MLK day and night. Trumped up a bunch of silly lies about MLK to get his Southern Traitor buddies and their buddies to hate MLK. Played enough hate stuff to James Earl Ray to convince him to kill MLK (my opinion).

And yet, to this day, J. Edgar Hoover STILL has a federal building named after him. I think it more fitting to rename THAT building more than anything else.

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Be the person a stranger would give CPR to. Check in on each other and remember a wearing bread on your head as a diet is a good thing. It’s a…LOAF HAT DIET! HAHAHAHAHHAHAA…Get it?


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