Ed-vise: Standing

A more snow GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, bit more snow this morning. Just what we need! Kidding!

Technically Talking Tuesday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s TUESDAY…TECHNICALLY!

President’s Student Loan Forgiveness thing is up at the Supreme Court today.

Lawyers from Republican state arguing that people NEVER need a break. Administration lawyers arguing these people don’t have STANDING. Which is probably their best argument considering the 6 Republican justices don’t need to read anything related to the substance of the law to know they are going to side with the Republicans. Especially if they are Christian Evangelicals.

What’s “Standing” you ask? Well I will tell you. Cause it’s kinda Technical.

Standing means you are being “harmed” in some way, shape, or form by the actions of the Defendant.

It’s like this.

If I walk up and burn your house down, you were harmed by my actions. You could bring sue me (bring suit). The court would then recognize that you, as the plaintiff, were indeed harmed by my actions. You would write that into the pleading document. Thus, you would have “Standing.”

Your next door neighbor, whose house I did not set on fire, might also have been harmed by my actions. The smoke might have flowed into their house. Thus, they too were harmed by my action.

If your house was something special that raised the value of everyone else’s house in the neighborhood, they MIGHT have been harmed by my actions. Perhaps not directly but indirectly.

The bank that holds the mortgage would have standing. The insurance company would also have standing.

A person that holds stock in the bank or insurance company would NOT have standing. They were not “really” harmed by my actions.

In the Student Loan case, you have two groups of hypocritical Christians (yeah, I said it) who are claiming the actions of the President in forgiving the loans harms them. A couple of people out of Texas (God bless Texas) are claiming they are harmed because they DO NOT qualify for the program.

The second group are the Republican States who claim that forgiving the loans will deprive them of money needed for putting women in prison that seek abortions or making sure ‘Murican History is taught the way it’s “Supposed” to. You know, without any of the bad stuff.

The Texas group…yeah. This argument is based in sort of an “Equal Protection” type thing. It’s an interesting argument to say the least.

The Republican States are suing on behalf of the private loan servicing companies that they created to make sure the people are saddled with the debt FOR LIFE and that interest keeps flowing. Remember, every time tuition goes up, consider that a raising of your taxes. EVERY TIME. Vote accordingly.

The Republican States have a better shot at Standing than the Texas Two-some. For the states, yes, forgiving the loans will deprive them of the money and the interest on the money. No money, no interest. Direct harm.

The Texas Two-Some, bit more difficult. There are lots of government programs that I am not eligible for. Many that you are not eligible for. Like, if you are not a veteran, you are not eligible for veteran services. If I don’t own a farm, I am not eligible for government benefits associated with farming. Nothing stops you from becoming a veteran or me from becoming a farmer just like nothing stops the Two-Some from taking out more loans…which would also be eligible for forgiveness. I don’t really see the direct harm.

Probably won’t have standing.

For me, I don’t necessarily want the loan forgiven. I just want these Bible Thumping States and other states, to actually read their bibles and do what it says about charging interest. Just stop with the interest for heaven’s sake!

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Be the person a stranger will do CPR on. Check in on each other and remember you cannot trust snow. It is very…FLAKEY! HAHAHAHHAHAHA…flakey.


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