Ed-vise: Kristy Titus

A still cold GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, this winter is NEVER going to end! Cold Forward Ambulation this morning. Needed gloves and snookie. SUCK!

Technically Talking Tuesday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s TUESDAY…TECHNICALLY!

Yesterday I blogged about the NRA Club.

They had their annual meeting this past weekend. Guns, celebrities, speakers, and politicians.

Some Ed-vise for the NRA: don’t invite the politicians anymore. They make your club look like an absolute joke.

See, the event had some speakers that, despite radiating a “Stay Away From Me” aura, they actually have a really interesting background that I would recommend reading about or at least listening to some of what they talk about.

For instance, Kristy Titus. She founded the Pursue the Wild group. She is an avid hunter and self-sustainment farming. Basically supporting farming their own stuff. In addition to that, she is an avid conservationist.

What is a conservationist you ask? Well, it is someone that doesn’t want the natural habitat of the wild disturbed by urban growth. They want it sustained and to continue to support the hunting grounds. Think of it like preserving the wild.

Look at it like this. You know how big oil companies lease large tracts of land to pump oil out of? Even though it’s “Public Land” you end up being denied access to it. Plus, no critters are in the area because of all the activity. Then, when the oil company is done, the place looks like shit and is contaminated so it can never be used again.

Well, Conservationists HATE THAT! They hate it just as much as an environmentalist.

I listened/ watched one of Kristy’s YouTube shows titled “Why I Hunt.” It was actually very interesting. No politics; no 2nd Amendment misinterpretation; none of it. Just a really good snap-shot of why she loves to hunt.

She had on the founders of Girls with Guns. The two of them also talked about why they hunt and how they believe in conservation. They actually went on a hunt in South Africa where the meat from the game they hunted was donated to local schools.

One of the Girls with Guns pointed out that she has several autoimmune diseases. Such diseases cause a massive shift in diet. Her hunting live game and her self sustainment farming meets her dietary restrictions almost to a T.

Here’s the thing, technically, it’s the politicians and political speak that have made the NRA a joke. Still, I would encourage you to take a listen to some of the speakers that spoke at the NRA Shit Show. You might come away with a different perspective of people. At least some of them.

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Be the person a stranger will do CPR on. Check in on each other and remember the least spoken language in the world is…SIGN LANGUAGE! Hmmmm…made ya THINK!


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