The First Post

Well, here it is.

For a while I have followed many different bloggers and social media influencers. For that same amount of time, I have been hesitant to start my own blog. I came up with the laundry list of excuses only to summarize them all with one word: fear.

Thanks to my kids, nieces, family and friends pushing me to do it, I am doing it.

The point of this blog is something of a calling. I believe that we, as Gen X, have an obligation to give back what we have learned to the upcoming generations. Everything happens for a reason. That reason may be nothing more than to tell other people about that happening… and that is what I will do.

For 50 years now, I have been acquiring a lexicon of lessons. A library of trials and tribulations, successes and failures. I have my own point of view on life and the world created by wondering the world, listening and learning along with ignoring and crashing.

With more education than is necessary, I like to think I kick ass at trivia.

So, enough with all that. Stay tuned for more as I overcome my discomfort of putting it all out there for the world to see.


Published by edhlaw

Son, husband, father, uncle, nephew, cousin

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