Ed-vise episode 1

Well hello to my readers and seekers of enlightenment!!!

Today’s bit o trivia: Declaration of the Rights of Man. Yup. Another group of articles that set out the rights of man. Magna Carta, English Bill of Rights, US Declaration of Independence, and the US Bill of Rights. All setting out the rights of man… minus the rights of women and minorities. Article X points out that people should not be silenced for their opinions unless they happen to trouble the order established by law. Pretty broad and pretty narrow at the same time.


What would you do Wednesday Ed-vise today

Recent video has surfaced about a “woke” group of protesters debating an individual who happens to be seated in front of a restaurant. All protesters have a fist raised and have become passionate about their pure thought of the movement.

The woman is trapped. She is seated and surrounded; her back to the wall outside of the restaurant. Nobody is helping her.

In today’s heated political environment, these events happen more and more. People are finding themselves surrounded by angry protesters and having to act… or not react.

I realize everyone has an opinion. I realize we enjoy the freedom of speech. We have all kinds of rights. However, we must also realize when we are alone and outnumbered…and an easy target for those who WANT to engage in physical violence.

Recognize when you are alone and outnumbered. “Listen” to the little hairs on your neck telling you “danger Will Robins!” Being right is one thing… being dead right means you won’t be right again.

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember I will NEVER spread the rumor about butter.


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