Ed-vise episode 2

Good evening my loyal readers! A new habit created by blogging during the setting sun

Today’s bit o trivia: Redneck. Know where that word came from? Yeah. Didn’t think so. See, back in the day, post WW1, when the Haves evicted coal miners because they could, a small scale war broke out. People trying to keep a roof over their head; people trying to take it away. Well, the coal miners wore a red scarf around their neck. Which, led to the term “Redneck” coming about from the Haves. And you thought it was just Hillbillies


Think About it Thursday Ed-vise today

Bit put out today. From the recent incident in Kenosha.

I watched the footage; both angles. I turned off the sound of the analysts and so called “experts” who were not there give their two cents. And now, I will give mine. Not because I was there, but because I believe everyone MUST learn from this situation. Anytime there is a loss of life, there is a PhD level lesson to be learned.

The numbers show a 5 to 1 ratio. Five police officers to one suspect. That alone should have been enough personnel to take this person down… if the five know how AND have trained it.

Second, when the suspect managed to escape the “ground game” he walked around the front of his vehicle. All officers followed. At least one of the officers should have walked around the back of the vehicle and prevented (or interrupted) his efforts to enter his vehicle. Some tactics that I pray will be taken into consideration.

Finally, police seem quick to use lethal force. I train Ju Jitsu and Judo. Have so for some time. Several of the higher belts I know are or were police. I firmly believe that with consistent training in either (or both) of these arts, the use of lethal force will decline significantly.

A long one, but heavy on my heart. If you are law enforcement and want more on the Ju Jitsu/ Judo, seek me out. I genuinely believe this and will teach what I know.

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember the shovel was a ground breaking invention.


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