Episode 4

Greetings a salutations to those trying to become better people!

Today’s bit o trivia: Bacon’s Rebellion.  Mmmmm.  Baaaaconnn.  No, no, no.  Not that as my three year old likes to say.  See in the early, early days of Colonial ‘Merica, you had a bunch of people that owned all the useable land.  Well, they had servants and slaves.  When the servants debt was paid, they wanted land.  So, they started taking it in violation of treaties with the local Indian peoples.  Well, people started getting angry and started warring against each other.  Bacon shows up, offers brandy to the locals in Virginia and becomes their fearless leader.  The English Governor Berkley gets pissed because Bacon is acting against the law and tries to go after him.  Well, Bacon and his “pancakes” (I just made that up) besieged Jamestown and burned it.  The merchants from England stepped in and backed Berkley.  Long story short, Bacon died of dysentery and the rebellion lost it’s syrup!  OH MAN THAT IS FUNNY!!!


Tech Talk Tuesday Ed-vise today

To some, this may seem super obvious.  To others, not so much.  To those who do not know, this section might answer those “party questions” you have or, at least, help you understand the conversation.

Now, I am not a mountain biker (though I did have one once).  Still, in my conversations with a friend the notion of having a smaller tire in the rear and a larger one up front came up.  Which sparked my ever learning mind to find out.

Well, turns out a larger tire up front makes for better handling.  Especially in the rugged terrain that most mountain bikers like to frequent.  Better handling means you feel safer.  Feeling safer means more risky maneuvers… and better crashes.

Smaller tire in the back means less weight back there.  Meaning you can go faster.  Just look at the BMX racers.  Little tires on their bikes.  Less weight; more speed.

In sum, small tire in the rear makes you faster; bigger tire in the front means better handling.  End result: bigger crashes because you feel safe.  Ed-vise: don’t alter the bike.

That’s it for today.  Take care of yourselves.  Check in on each other and remember oysters do not donate money because they are shellfish.


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