Ed-vise episode 5

What a beautiful day to all my readers!

Today’s bit o trivia: Thomas Farriner.  He was the Muffin Man… who lived on Drury Lane.  Well, not really Drury Lane but Pudding Lane in London back in 1666.  See around midnight on September 2, his bakery caught fire and burned a massive section of London to the ground.  The statisticians say only about 5 people were killed in the fire.  Many disagree because the only people that were worth counting were the well to do and the fire was so hot it incinerated everything that came in contact with it making it real difficult to identify bodies.  Late night fire, no detection systems, in a densely populated city… I bet thousands were killed and not counted.


What would you do Wednesday Ed-vise today

As many of you know, I love table top exercises.  I do them for my workplace violence trainings.  Basically I put the participants in the scenario and ask them what they would do based on existing policies and procedures.  If none exist then what would they do as a human.

I have to talk about the recent incident in Kenosha.  Here’s the scenario: large mass of people protesting.  It doesn’t matter what they are protesting.  Property has been damaged and now armed people are showing up to protect existing property.

Shots are fired and an individual has been killed.  The person with the gun is seen running from the mob.  What would you do?

In Kenosha, people pursued the shooter who was STILL ARMED.  I can say with some certainty that the people in pursuit were not trained in how to deal with this.  They may have watched the “Run Hide Fight” video and thought they were ready.  However, NOTHING in that video says to pursue the shooter!  NOTHING!!!  Pursuing an armed person who is panicking and is armed is a recipe for more shootings!  Get down, take cover, and get away!  It does not make you a coward to leave a gun fight if you only have a skateboard!

That’s it for today.  Take care of yourselves.  Check in on each other and remember an illegally parked frog will be toad.


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