Ed-vise Episode 6

Well HELLLOOOOO to you all!  And a lovely day it is this 3rd of September!

Today’s bit o trivia: The Baobab Tree.  Ever hear of this?  Well that’s why you come to this page!  This tree is native in Africa, Madagascar, and Australia.  It looks like it grows upside down… because the gods put it that way because it complained too much (true story).  It grows for over 1000 years and provides a bunch of goodies for local people that know how to use the tree instead of cutting it down for a house (or deck).  Last, this tree is where Monkey Fruit comes from… if you are in the market for that stuff


Think about it Thursday Ed-vise today

Unlike What Would you do Wednesday I like to post questions here that are not scenario based but more to appeal to the higher thinking parts of the brain.

Bit political today but still safety oriented with a splash of law (gotta love those lawyers).  Recent security video shows a politician at a salon in California.  Naturally, all hell is breaking lose. 

Current law in California is salons are closed because of COVID.  These laws have been set up at the local level of San Francisco.  Frisco says you can get your hair done outside.  Seems easy enough.

Understand, ignorance of the law is no defense.

With that as the starting point, if a business says something counter to the law, you still must follow the law.  Thus, the salon/ hairdresser says you can circumvent the law that says “outside cuts only”, you, YOU, run the risk of violating the law.  There is no set up.  You failed to learn the law.  Simple as that.

Safety wise, the mask thing is a trust thing.  I cannot guarantee I am not a carrier of COVID.  Since I cannot guarantee this, I put a covering over the likely avenues of transmission (mouth and nose) so that YOU can see I actually give a damn about you.  By you doing the same, I can see that you actually give a damn about me.

When we get to know each other better, we can start to let our guard (mask) down because I trust that you are doing all you can to not become a carrier… as I am doing the same.

So, COME ON PEOPLE!  Do the right thing!

That’s it for today.  Take care of yourselves.  Check in on each other and remember I am guilty of making puns about court… GET IT?!


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