Ed-vise Episode 7

Top tier day to you all from Seaside Oregon!!!

Today’s bit o trivia: Honey.  Not the romantic term you give your significant other.  I’m talking the stuff made by unionized bees.  The cool thing about honey is that it never expires.  Buy some honey today, take a taste.  MMMMM  GOOOODDD!  Now, close it up, bury it in your yard and wait 3000 years.  When archaeologists dig it up and taste it, it will taste exactly the same.  True story because archaeologists found a jar of honey during a dig that was 3000 years old.  Still good


Free for all Friday Ed-vise today

Out here in Seaside, there is a planned “Open Carry” rally scheduled for this Labor Day weekend.  In Seaside… of all places.  A political rally.  In a small town in Oregon, on the coast, a group wants to show that Oregon has laws that support open carry of firearms.

The organizers plan to have it at a restaurant whose owner asked someone to leave who was in the restaurant with an AR-15 slung over his shoulder.  Probably, like any restaurant owner, he asked the person to leave, with his AR-15, because the customers were uncomfortable.  And rightfully so!  The AR guy was later arrested for discharging his firearm from a vehicle in a different city a few days later.

I support gun ownership.  I grew up around them.  Used them plenty of times.  I also support gun laws.  Why?  Because when people cannot do the right thing on their own, (such as not bringing an assault rifle into a family restaurant) the government is forced to step in.

Wanna know how the Old West took care of gun violence?  The sheriff posted a sign out front of town that said “No Firearms Allowed.”    Saloons would do the same thing.  You’d think, today, a restaurant wouldn’t need to post a sign that says that.  But, apparently you do.

That’s it for today.  Take care of yourselves.  Check in on each other and remember that math is a sad subject because of the many problems.


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