Ed-vise Episode 8

Man! what a Windy Day, night, morning, etc. to all my readers!

Today’s bit o trivia: Adm. Pedro Menendez de Aviles.  This social media darling was one of 20 kids.  20!  Can you imagine having 19 other brothers and sisters?  You would NEVER get a good seat in the car; always with your feet on the hump.  Well, because he was too much, they sent him to live with relatives which he ran away from.  While still a young lad, he bought a ship and beat up on French sailors back in the early 1500s.  Then, because the King of Spain liked him and hated the French, he let Menendez take off to Florida where the first long term European town was established.  That being St. Augustine in 1565.  It’s good to have goals


Technically Talk Tuesday Ed-vise today

 This past, long weekend, had me and family go out to a pub in Seaside.  Great pub!  Good atmosphere and service as well as a solid plan for re-opening/ COVID.  A good tactical plan to be COVID Conscious and Customer Focused.

See, the pub (or bar… whatever) has both a bar section and restaurant section.  The tables in the restaurant are already designed to act as separation between parties.  The “Six Foot Rule” can be maintained by measuring from one person to another, up and over the barriers.

The pub staff also maintains control of the establishment by informing patrons, early, to stay masked until they have food or beverage in front of them.  Excellent.

Here’s where the “tactical” comes in.  We sat at a high bar table.  The employee serving us made a conscious choice to stay slightly behind each of us as he took our order.  I did not notice his position behind my shoulder until after we left.  He maneuvered in a manner to keep himself either out of the way of the hazard (my breathing zone) or to stay distanced from them.  Well Done!

With just a little bit of maneuvering, our server was able to provide great service and keep himself (and us) safe.

That’s it for today.  Take care of yourselves.  Check in on each other and remember Dundee’s has the best Long Island iced teas in Seaside.


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