Ed-vise Episode 9

A STILL blustery and orange overcast GOOD MORNING to you all! 

Today’s bit o trivia: Sappho.  Yup.  Sappho the Poet.  She was considered the Bill Shakespeare of her time back in 600BC or so.  She cranked out all kinds of hits.  Such as Ode to Aphrodite and The Tithonus Poem along with other poems that were supposed to be accompanied with a lyre.  Now, although she would write about 10,000 lines of poetry a day, only around 600 have survived the journey of time.  She did not have any social media accounts which is why she was able to write so darn much


What Would You Do Wednesday Ed-vise today

Lots of fire burning across the western states today and the past few days.  Add to that some high winds in Oregon and, well, you end up with lots of devastation and plenty of evacuation orders.  Mandatory type orders.

In listening to my colleagues and friends, most, if not all, have a “Bug Out” bag ready to go.  A backpack or whatever all packed up with some clothes, some food, and some comfort items.  If you want to know what to put in one, GTS.  There’s plenty of good lists out there.

One thing that gets missed: travel plans.  See, when doing a mass evacuation, the roads end up looking like absolute chaos.  Everyone heading all directions at the same time and jamming up every road and street around.  Doing a bit of planning and having alternate routes, along with leaving ahead of time will make yours and many other’s lives so much easier.

Take out a map.  A city type one.  Know where your destination will be.  Friends, family, whatever.  That spot well away from everything.  Then, look at the main roads and alternate roads surrounding your town/ city.  Keep in mind that EVERYONE will be hitting the main roads which will end up being clogged.  Having your Primary, Alternate, Contingent, and Emergency route planned will set you up for success when you have to “Bug Out.”

That’s it for today.  Take care of yourselves.  Check in on each other and remember a dinosaur that crashes its car is a Tyrannosaurs Wrecks!


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