Ed-vise Episode 10

Another Smoke Filled Evening to you all!!!  Thankful today for our emergency folks keeping the fires in check.  Thank you to them all!

Today’s bit o trivia: John the Fearless.  I so wanted my parents to name me Ed the Fearless.  But they were narrow minded and refused to change it.  So John was killed by the Dauphin in France when France had a Dauphin.  But before that happened, he lived “down” to his name.  See, even though he was French, he had his eyes on being the king and would step aside whenever the English crossed the channel and took over northern France.  He would pledge his support to the king and then, forget to show up.  So, in short, the Dauphin had him killed.  Too easy.  If you read up on that history, you will see that the royalty were some sleeping around Muldoons


Think about it Thursday Ed-vise today

Goes along the lines of reflecting on the 2nd Amendment pep rally that was staged in Seaside.  A little coastal town where probably all of the locals have guns, they just don’t see the need to walk all over the place with them hanging out… BECAUSE THEY KNOW GUN SAFETY!!!

Thought comes along from conversations with gun owners and how a person creates their own fear.  Ask a 2Aer what they fear, they will say, to the effect that they have no fear because they have their guns.  If it isn’t outright said, it can easily be implied.  Follow the thread and you can ask, “what are your guns protecting you from?”

The response will go to people or government bodies that want to take the guns.

Or, the case will be to “Protect My Freedom!”  To do what?  The majority of the time, they want to protect a freedom that they don’t participate in or, they want to protect themselves from an entity that was probably created because people weren’t responsible enough in brandishing their firearms.

See, gun control came about because people were not being responsible with their guns.  It did not come about because the government did not want a check on their powers. 

So, I guess you could sum it up with the statement that says “I want the freedom to be irresponsible with my guns.”  Ooooohhhhh!  That’s controversial!

That’s it for today.  Take care of yourselves.  Check in on each other and remember this is Suicide Prevention Month so do check in on each other!


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