Ed-vise Episode 11

A genuine heartfelt Hello and prayers to my friends and readers fighting the fires and hoping for the best.  My thoughts are with you as I cannot physically be.

Today’s bit o trivia: Vasili Arkhipov.  Ever hear of him.  Russian or, depending on your generation, a Soviet.  Well, in the winter of 1963, we thought the whole world was gonna freeze (name that song) and Mr. Arkhipov kept the world from going nuclear.  See, at that time, Cuba was a hot issue and JFK a raging alcoholic who liked to make decisions while under the influence.  Well, as Kruschev and Kennedy were going back and forth (both probably inebriated), the people with their fingers on the triggers were getting very antsy.  Soviets needed 3 approvals to launch the nukes and Arkhipov was one of the three.  He kept his head and denied the launch thus keeping the world for a real “nuclear winter.”


Free For All Friday Ed-vise today

So much stuff going on these days.  Protests, pandemic, fires, politics.  An amazing time to be alive even if you feel like the bulk of it is negative.  And the only thing I can think about is “how to be 1% better today than yesterday.”

I follow Sharran Sirivatsaa on Instagram.  He does the 5amclub where people come together and receive valuable insight into, well, life.  The other day was “be 1% better.”

Not 100%; not even 10%.  Just 1.

And yet people still struggle with being just 1% better. 

But what does 1% look like?  What can it be?  It can be ANYTHING!  I updated my picture on WordPress.  I also participated in an Amy Climer webinar and learned more about virtual presentations.  See, 1% is about doing something.  It is about momentum.  Everyday, do something to give your life fulfillment.  Anything!  Find inspiration.  If you want to be an artist, draw a line or a stick figure.  Listen to a podcast, read a book, pick up the phone and call a friend or family member.  Want to be the next great writer?  Write a sentence.  Just one and it doesn’t need to make sense.  1%.

That’s it for today.  Take care of yourselves.  Check in on each other and remember where you were when the earth stopped moving that September day – Alan Jackson.


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