Ed-vise Episode 12

A three part HOWDY to you all. That would be howdy, howdy, howdy!!!

Today’s bit o trivia: Dr. Edward Curtis. Edward was an army surgeon. In the US army. One morning he was scrolling through his social media feeds on his Iphone 1 when he received a text: come quickly… he’s been shot. So, rolling his eyes he swiped off his phone and went to the White House where President Lincoln lay on the bed having been assassinated. Curtis assisted in the autopsy, extracting the bullet from Mr. Lincoln and dropping it on the floor. Given the task of weighing the brain of the former president he noted in a letter to his mother: “ I felt more profoundly impressed than ever with the mystery of that unknown something which may be named ‘vital spark’ as well as anything else, whose absence or presence makes all the immeasurable difference between an inert mass of matter owning obedience to no laws but those covering the physical and chemical forces of the universe, and on the other hand, a living brain by whose silent, subtle machinery a world may be ruled.”


Tech Talk Tuesday Ed-vise today. Because I missed Monday Musings

In case you live under a rock, we are doing a ton of stuff in the virtual world. In addition, we consultants end up doing a lot of work at home and online. No longer do we enjoy the physical presence of our clients due to the current crisis. Furthermore, once this crisis is under control, it begs the question “will we continue to use the virtual space?”

For me, I deliver safety training. I also deliver safety consultative services… online. When it comes to training in the online world, I have noticed that lots of the webinars are super boring. Why? Because the slides, that are so heavily relied on, are boring.

So, as a consultant, I am learning how to build better power point slides. And, I can say that power point of today is WAAAAAYYYYY better than power point of yesterday. So many features that make the power point more of a show… as it should be!

Power point has a lot of tools, drop downs, and hot buttons. Explore them. You will be amazed.

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember a cold is a terrible criminal because it is so easy to catch.


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