Ed-vise Episode 13

What a lovely day this is turning into and a fine GOOD MORNING to you all!

Today’s bit o trivia: Luigi Galleani. No, this is not Mario’s brother. There is an unsolved mystery at the FBI. It relates to a terrorist bombing that occurred in 1920 on Wall Street. Killed 30 people this bombing did. The bomb was placed in a street cart. As people wandered about for the afternoon activities, BOOM!!! Evidence found was primarily letters written by anarchist organizations. One in particular, the Italian Anarchists, seemed the culprit because they had been doing bombings prior to this. Luigi was their leader though he had been deported the year prior. Seems Luigi was a very influential speaker who could really get a crowd fired up. One attendee saying “once you listed to Luigi speak, you felt like killing the first cop you saw.” His Gallianist movement resulted in plenty of bombings during that time.


What Would You Do Wednesday Ed-vise today

Events seem to unfold so fast these days. Add to that the fuel of misinformation being put out as gospel and you end up with serious potential situations.

For instance. Recent fires in Oregon found law enforcement putting forward conspiracy theories about who started the fire. The theories came from, well, I don’t know. Most likely a QANON source page. In sum, the law enforcement personnel stated that ANTIFA people were starting the fires. No proof; no evidence other than Q.

Which made me think “what if law enforcement came out and said I was the source of the fires?” Huh? Yeah. What if Q took a personal issue with you and accused you of setting the fires. Then, law enforcement continued with the story.

Understand, the situation of today is EXACTLY how massacres of innocent people happens. They happen as an overreaction to a blatant lie! Read about the Tulsa Massacre and how it started.

So think. How would you get ahead of a blatant lie told about you? The torches are lit and people are tense. They just need a reason.

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember the price for a ride on a cat spaceship is a Cat-Astro-Fee.


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