Ed-vise Episode 14

The day after the storm HELLOOOO to you all!!!

Today’s bit o trivia: Tom Thumb. Now, there was more than one Tom Thumb. One of them was a circus side show. See, back in the day, physical deformities, if severe enough, could result in employment with the circus as an oddity to observe. General Tom Thumb was one of these people. He was born in 1838 and measured 3.25 feet in height. Before him was a locomotive in the US which was built in 1829 by Peter Cooper. It was the first American built steam locomotive. In a challenge of egos, the “Little Engine that Could” raced against a horse drawn carriage. The Little Engine lost and social media went crazy!!! I mean Instagram blew up!!! But, the Little Engine was not deterred and conspired with a local butcher to turn that horse into glue. True story. Well, some of it.


Free For All Friday Ed-vise today

I’ve been in a bit of a discussion with a friend on Facebook.

The discussion came about from a meme. It showed bloodied protestors and said “if you promote violence to stop free speech, you are a fascist.” I love memes that are so final.

I pointed out that this was not fascism. Fascism is a governing philosophy. Violence is a tool. Using violence to suppress counter arguments is an action that is as old as time. People use it all the time. So do churches. So do governments of all types. Even good old ‘Merica.

Our “fearless leader” yesterday, made a speech. In that speech he pointed out he would set up the 1776 Commission to provide a “Patriotic Education.” It is a counter to the perceived boogey man of the 1619 Project which teaches an “uncomfortable history” of good old ‘Merica. And the social media lost it’s mind in referring to this as Fascism.

But, again, not Fascism.

Nationalistic, yes. Fascist, no.

Words mean everything so look at it like this (for ease of reference):

Fascism: the whole wide world must be like us.

Nationalism: the whole nation must be like this. Whatever you define “this” as.

Patriotism: this nation is cool and I love it.

For me, I say “let’s have the 1776 Commission!” I also say “let’s have the 1619 Project.” Teach them both! It’s called a conversation. In addition, BOTH will help to create the story of good old ‘Merica!

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember the best time to go to a dentist is TOOTH HURTY!!!!


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