Ed-vise Episode 15

Hello, Hello, Hello! My esteemed colleagues and seekers of wisdom from the non-wise!

Today’s bit o trivia: Yaws. Not Jaws but Yaws! This is a childhood skin disease which still affects kids especially in the Pacific Islands. It shows up in highly infectious lesions on the skin but it causes deformities in the bones. And it has been around since for-ev-er! In an archaeological dig in Vietnam, they found evidence of it from 4000 years ago. That’s 4000 YEARS AGO! But… this disease is probably older than that. Because it was introduced to the hunter/ gatherers of Vietnam by the farmers that were coming down out of China. A disease that is still around over 4000 years later. Can you imagine what COVID will leave behind 4000 years from now! Probably be looked at like a sniffle… if we make it that long (insert evil laugh)


Monday Musings Ed-vise today

Rest in peace RBG. Rest in peace.

A friend asked me if I thought the senate would install a justice to replace RBG. At first I said I doubted it. Now, thinking about it, I cannot see a reason the republicans wouldn’t. And that caused me to think why politics pisses people off so much. I have an idea.

I think it has to do with nobody in the game being able to keep their word. Not even so much their word but the fact that they say something day one and do a 180 the next. You want to believe the words that come out of their mouth but the politicians consistently fail.

You hate being made a fool because you relied on what they said only to have the rug pulled out from under you. Worse: your friends won’t let you live down your reliance on your representative or political party.

So, Mitch will probably put a vote forward on a nominee. He did say he was going to do this. Lindsey will back him and there will be a new Supreme this year.

Here is something that will help you be able to keep your cool, like me, when it comes to politics: EVERYTHING A POLITICIAN SAYS ONLY APPLIES TO THE OTHER PARTY! Or, never trust a politician… NEVER!

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember every time a politician makes a promise, a puppy gets kicked.


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