Ed-vise Episode 16

What it is, what it is, WHAT IT IS!!! and Hello to all my adulating fans (of which I am the only one).

Today’s bit o trivia: Judith Catchpole. She was a young woman who came from Europe as an indentured servant. What’s that? It’s like a slave but they get their freedom once they work off their debt. On the trip over, a dude who wrote for a conspiracy social media website said they saw her stab one of the ship’s crew in the back. They also said she cut another passenger’s throat while she slept. Most dastardly of all, she gave birth to a child and killed it. So, once they landed in Maryland in 1656, they put together the first all female jury to check her out and realize Ms. Catchpole had NEVER been pregnant and that Mr. Bramhall (accuser) was insane. So, NO, Wyoming did not seat the first all female jury in ‘Merica… HA!


Just Thinkin Tuesday Ed-vise today. Bit of a change on the topic side.

Many are pissed at the possibility of a supreme court justice being voted on since RBG died. This situation has caused me to take a minute to wonder “Why.” I do that quite a bit.

One reason perhaps: the thought of Trump winning, AGAIN, absolutely nauseates many. Conservative or liberal philosophies aside for the justice, it is the idea that he gets to seat yet another judge and rub it in everyone’s face. And this hurts. But, understand, to the victor goes the spoils. This is as far back as Andy Jackson. It’s been going on since for-ev-er! Which means, if this makes you that mad, you must learn that Congress can limit what the Supreme Court gets to review. Think about that and get involved.

Another reason (and I think this is the main one): you allowed yourself to be played. Wait… WHAT? I see so many posts about people trying to hold the republicans to the words they puked out back in 2016 about waiting to see who won the election. You already know that politicians lie on a continuous basis. We joke about it all the time. So much so that we accept the dishonesty of politicians. But even worse, you BELIEVE them! In today’s day and age, you CANNOT EVER believe a politician from ANY party. They have three goals: protect the money, protect the seat, get re-elected. That’s it. They will say and do whatever they have to in order to achieve those three goals and they DO NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOU! So stop thinking they do!

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember you have to act like a nut to catch a squirrel.


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