Ed-vise Episode 17

Another day, Another DAY to get after it! Rainy, but still AWESOME!!!

Today’s bit o trivia: Judge Charles Williams Fricke. Judges are human beings and feel the pressures that society builds up. Fricke was no different. See, back in the early 40s, in a place called Sleepy Lagoon, a murder took place. Twenty two teens were arrested and charged with the crime. They were all hispanic… and the Anglos of LA had a bit of a racist bone in their bodies against black and hispanic peoples. Fricke presided over the trial of these youths and in blatant violations of Constitutional privileges, all but five of the 22 were convicted. The judge allowed testimony from E. Duran Ayres who was a supposed expert on the Mexican Communities stating they had an inherent “bloodthirst” and “biological predisposition” to murder and crime. He attributed this to the ancient Aztec practices. Talk about a leap in logic!


What Would You Do Wednesday Ed-vise today

In all honesty, I don’t make these scenarios up much. I take them straight out of the headlines. You can do the same thing and simply ask “what would I do in this situation.” Today’s is no different.

Your standing in line at the local market. Two people walk up carrying on a conversation about whatever. To show what a great “tough guy” one of them is, he pulls out a handgun from his waste band to show his friend. Huh? Yup. Happened just the other day here in Oregon.

Now, place yourself in different positions in the store. What if you’re the clerk behind the counter? A customer standing in front of the two; standing behind the two. The bagger at the end of the counter. How will you react? What if instead of a gun it’s a knife, or a grenade, or a field grade tactical nuke (not so much a common thing…but you get the point).

These scenarios happen all the time on a daily basis throughout the country. As an employer, have you talked with your employees about such situations? As a parent have you walked through this with your kids? As an individual, have you walked through this in your own mind? For me, as a jujitsu guy, I have. Sometimes the answer may be something so simple as saying “really.” This lone statement can bring someone who absent mindedly pulled out a gun in public, to come to realize what they are doing and to put it away.

Unfortunately for the person with the gun, he shot himself in the groin. Chalk up another supporter of the NRA Gun Safety Program.

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember if you’re not hardening your body it becomes soft and fluffy just the way a person with bad intentions likes it.


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