Ed-vise Episode 27

Yo Yo YOOOO!!! What up; What up; What up! A beautiful time to be alive!

What Would You do Wednesday Ed-vise today

OK, yesterday I spoke about the woman on the plane with the kid who wanted NOTHING to do with the mask being put on. So, the plane kicked her off. Follow that up with the passenger that got beat down in a liquor store… probably because he also was not wearing a mask (and being a jerk). Add to the mix the number of politicians and our own Lil “Il Duce” also not wearing a mask and now you have a powder keg of violence.

So, put yourself in the shoes (or seats) of passengers, parents with stubborn kids, or an a person next to someone not doing their part.

One thing that you can think about is appealing to their link to the “Greatest Generation.” During WW2, there was plenty of great propaganda and posters that were put out encouraging people to do their part for the war effort. Sayings like “Save Wheat; Help the Fleet” and “Buy War Bonds” and “Loose Lips Sink Ships.” Oh, and let’s not forget the famous Rosy the Riveter with her flexed bicep and red bandana and the words “We Can Do It.” Perhaps airlines can start putting posters up all over the airports with quick sayings like this to support the war effort against the virus.

Buuuttttt! Let’s get to the situation. So, mom is trying to put on the mask of the kid. Flight attendant getting upset as the plane is trying to leave. Let’s call a time out here. First, anyone could step in to help get things calmed down. Both hands up in a non-threatening manner using a calming voice. Next, when you learn the kid won’t wear a mask understand that the science is conflicting about whether kids under 6 are carriers. Nothing confirmed has come out. Acknowledge the work the flight attendant is doing. “You’re doing great at such a tough job.” Then, a quick survey of those sitting around the mom would probably have shown that the other passengers really didn’t care.

Mom stays on; kid screams because of the flight. Bottom line, keep your head about you. Assess the situation and strive to keep things from blowing up. When they blow, get out of the way! I’m just sayin


That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember the power of a comma can keep you from becoming a psychopath: “Let’s eat grandpa” versus “Let’s eat, grandpa.”


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