Ed-vise Episode 26

Another day to be ever so thankful of everyone out there! Especially my Ju Jitsu crew!

Just Talkin Tuesday Ed-vise today

Man! Checking out headlines simply pisses me off. Other times the headlines inspire me to become better (which we all should).

A fight on an airplane over someone not wearing a mask; an instagram post of a person getting KO’d for not wearing a mask. Then, I read a story about a woman on a flight with a young child who refused to wear a mask and was ordered off the plane with her kid.

Right now we are receiving conflicting guidance from multiple reputable sources in the CDC and the WHO. Add to that the conflicting guidance from the top government boss (who did nothing, in the first place, other than muddy the waters) and the state governors. Now, with CiC coming out of the hospital only lightly touched by the virus, well, information conflicts will only get worse.

The mask thing is for all adults. On a plane, with a small kid that refuses to put one on and a frustrated mom. Now we have an issue. Then, to make matters worse, the mom posted her experience on twitter and “BOOM!” Twitter showed the true side of humanity with everyone hiding behind their twitter handle and nobody having the courage to step up and either help or say it to her face. The modern day “lynch mob” is more cowardly than they actually were. At least then, the victim (or survivors) could physically confront their attackers. I’m just sayin


That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember if you get your arm extended from your body, you’re gonna get tapped! T-rex arms baby!


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