Ed-vise Episode 32

Holy Cats is it cooollld! At least to me here in the Pac Northwest. What up; what up; What up!!! Another episode of Ed-vise!!!

What Would YOU do Wednesday Ed-vise today

As I always say (well, not always) if you can think about it you can deal with it. Scenario based training does not require you to actually be in the situation. Dealing with an active shooter does not require you to have an actual, active shooter, shooting. You can engage in scenario training by simply thinking about the details of an event and asking “what would I do?”

This one, from the headlines. Probably to spin people up about the election. You show up in the line to vote or drop off your ballot. Low and behold, you see a man (or woman) with an assault style rifle, slung across their chest like they know what they are doing. Most likely they don’t and are probably more harmful to themselves than anyone else. Still, the possibility is real that these “Wanna Be Tough Guys (WBTG)” is present. So, you have to ask yourself, “what would I do?”

At that point, in a voting line, there is no reason, whatsoever, to do anything other than vote or drop off your ballot. Walk, get your voting card, walk into your booth, and vote. Or, drop off the ballot in the ballot box. That’s it. Get back into your car when you are done and go. Do not engage the person in conversation because it will only go the wrong way.

Notice, I did not say ignore the person. Couple things to look at. First, do they have a magazine in? Second, where is their finger. Is it in the trigger? Third, are they paying attention to anyone or anything OR, are they simply being fat and, well, SOFT CORE? Most I see fit this mold. Stay Alert, make a quick assessment of the area to know which way you, and your loved one will go or hide. It doesn’t take long. Just a couple of seconds. I’m just sayin

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember what I said before: You are not wasting your vote if you vote your conscience instead of for a letter.


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