Ed-vise Episode 36

(Head nod back) SUP?! What up; What up; What up! It’s time for Free For All Friday Ed-vise!!!!

Today’s bit o trivia: Dunmore’s Proclamation. WHACHEWTALKINBOUTWILLIS!!! Yup, Dunmore’s Proclamation. See back before the Revolutionary War, Virginia was a slave loving colony. Did everything they could to keep slaves…enslaved. Great Britain did not make slavery illegal but a court decision severely limited the spread. Lord Dunmore was in charge of Virginia Colony. He was having trouble with the locals because they didn’t like the court decision from Great Britain. That and the fact the winds of war were starting to flare up among the colonies. So, in 1775, Lord Dunmore (aka John Murray, 4th Earl of Dunmore) issued his proclamation which declared martial law and freedom for any slave who rallied to his cause. And the rest is history!


Well, the last Presidential Dementia Smackdown was last night. No, I didn’t watch it. I watched Dan Jones go down (literally) in the record books as the fastest QB running 80 yards… and then fell down, untouched, short of the end zone. COME ON MAN!

I’ve been thinking about pro sports and the bubbles that get spoke about. We saw what the NBA did with the playoffs and Disneyworld. Pretty cool and it seems to have worked out well enough for the Lakers. Now, baseball is doing their bit as did hockey (though I don’t think a state that does not get regular snow can be allowed a championship hockey team).

I think a better plan would have been for the pro entity to create a bubble on one of the Caribbean Islands. See, with an island you can create strict guidelines about coming in. So, everyone coming in must quarantine 2 weeks before entry. Like was done for Big Brother. After that, they can come to the island. You could fill stadiums there with the locals or anyone that could afford coming into the islands.

These Caribbean islands have been devastated by the loss of tourism. They would bank huge money with getting the pro organizations to come down to play. Fans could also show up to watch. Finally, the sport gets more exposure to the global community. I’m just sayin…

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember to get that vote in! You cannot change the game if you don’t play the game!


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