Ed-vise Episode 35

Where were you yesterday Ed? Busy like a little beaver or a one legged man at a jiu jitsu tournament! Which is a real thing I saw on instagram. Still, WHAT UP; WHAT UP; WHAT UP!?!?! Another episode of Ed-vise!

Today’s bit o trivia: Patrice Lumumba. Bet you’ve never heard of him. I betcha! See, he was the first elected prime minister of Congo. Back in 1960. See, during this time, Africa was trying to get out from under the oppression of colonialism. And it was Belgium that did it’s best to keep colonies in Africa. Why? Because… OK! So, Patrice, sets up the Mouvement National Congalise and pushes Congo into independence from Belgium. The Belgian king at the time (King Baudouin) gave a speech that glossed over the atrocities of King Leopold in The Congo. Patrice gave the counter speech and the western powers got all kinds of pissed. So, they backed a different player (the military of the Congo) who arrested Patrice and then executed him. All within four months. So what’s on your agenda?


What Would You do Wednesday Ed-vise today

This one is based off of a lecture I attended last night. Hopefully, it is an inspiration.

What would you do if you lived in a country where the government could come into your house in the middle of the night, kick you up out of bed, cuff you, throw you in the back of a car and drive away? Then, at the detention center, they strip you, search you, and throw you into a cell. The police never question you; they never tell you anything really. They just kick in your door and take you away. If you have a family they say nothing. In Crimea, these people were referred to as “Little Green Men.”

After a few days, they release you. They open up the cell and let you walk out. Never saying a word to you.

As you walk out of the building, you notice the wording on the front: Federal Department of Justice. Further, you notice the pictures of the President and Attorney General hanging on the wall and ‘Ol Glory flapping in the breeze high up on the flag pole.

Think it cannot happen? Guess again. IT CAN; IT HAS; IT STILL DOES! And, as much as you would like to hope it is just this president doing it… WRONG! Currently, the way the law is written, ANY PRESIDENT CAN ORDER IT! So…

If you end up being kicked out of bed by several people, you will know they are trained by the tone in their voice and the coordinated movement. When that happens, it pays to have a plan. Have a lawyer on speed dial and realize if you start swinging, you are out numbered and out gunned. Go for the ride and say nothing. LITERALLY NOTHING! Just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember to vote because you cannot change the system if you don’t vote. And the system can be changed.


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