Ed-vise Episode 34

Hey Kids! Guess what time it is? Yup yup yup… it’s Ed-vise Time!!!

Back to the original format because I found I was slipping from my love of history and trivia.

Today’s bit o trivia: Donut hole. Wait; WHAT? Yeah I said it. Donut hole. See, when donuts were first around, they didn’t have a hole. They weren’t even called donuts. In ‘Merica, the Dutch brought the recipe over for making deep fried balls of dough called olykoeks (that’s a dumb name). Then, a ship’s captain named Captain Gregory, in the early parts of the 1900s sailed with his mom who also made these olykoeks. Well, some claimed the captain needed both hands to steer the ship so he impaled one of these koeks on the spoke of the ships wheel so he could use both hands. Of course, he says he simply stuck a pepper box in the middle of the koek and, voila, the first donut hole human eyes had ever seen.


Monday Musing Ed-vise today

I was thinking about the recent Supreme Court nomination of Amy Barrett.

Anymore, at least the most recent nominees that come to mind, the hearings are not, and I do mean NOT, about determining if the jurist has any knowledge about the law. Rarely if ever is it about determining their qualifications for sitting on the nations highest court. I mean, most senators don’t even ask questions that are worth the judges time.

Take for instance the No Spine Ted Cruz. He graduated from one of the premier law schools (Harvard). He then turns around and demeans and degrades the education he received from the school by asking Amy about her daughters ability to play the piano. Way to go Harvard! Your alumni in Ted Cruz showed the quality of education from Harvard.

But let’s not stop there. The Dems weren’t much better. Trying to trap her in her religious beliefs and convictions but never asking her why she believes Roe v Wade is a poorly decided decision. I hear so many times about this case and yet I never hear any of the potential nominees tell us on what premise they believe Roe is poorly decided.

The thing that really stuck for me though was the hang up on her religion. The way Amy has been skewered about her religious beliefs tells me that this “all inclusive” country would NEVER think about appointing a Muslim. I’m just sayin

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember… VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!


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