Ed-vise Episode 33

(Head nod) Sup?!?! Yes yes y’all it’s time for another episode of Ed-vise! The aforementioned Yes yes y’all being given credit to Keef Cowboy of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5.

Free For All Friday Ed-vise today

In case you didn’t know, I am a lawyer.

I want to chat a bit about wrongful convictions. See, I follow The Innocence Project on Instagram. The past couple weeks I saw two (among many) things that really caused me to think about how we, as society, treat the incarcerated and the exonerated as well as those who served their time.

Rosa Jimenez is an immigrant woman sitting in prison accused of killing her baby. Judges have said she probably didn’t do it as have forensic experts. In fact, judges have ordered the release or re-trial of her by February of this year. Yup, that hasn’t happened and she still sits in prison. And, based on her medical condition, will die in prison.

So, if the judge said re-try or release, why is she still in prison? Why does the DA continue to fight this?

The first question needs a lot of criminal/ appeals procedure discussion so I won’t dive into that too deep. Safe to say that they haven’t re-tried her because the DAs want to fight over all the little details. What’s a foot if not to drag.

The second, they keep fighting it because if they release her she will likely slap the state with a very large settlement bill in the 7 figure range which the city of Austin really doesn’t want to pay. So now, with the likelihood of her dying in prison, if the DAs keep dragging their feet, they avoid this little problem. Welcome to The System. I’m just sayin


That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember to VOTE VOTE VOTE! Yes Yes Y’all


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