Ed-vise Episode 44

A cold GOOD MORNING to you all my loyal peeps! No, I’m not in the frozen tundra but cold is cold just like hot is hot!

Today’s bit o trivia: Vampire bats. I bring these guys up because my three year old keeps talking about fruit bats from Dora the Explorer. I was introduced to these guys back when I did Jungle Ops training in the jungles of Panama. These guys are like little infantry troops because they will low crawl up to their victims and pounce on them. Well, in addition to this, they don’t need a government to tell them to social distance in the midst of a pandemic. They do it on their own. Yup, when sick, they will self isolate in order to avoid infecting the entire colony (sometimes called a cauldron).


Monday Musings Ed-vise today

Well, in case you have been in your bunker, Biden will most likely be our next president. Most results have not been finalized but, based on all the evidence, he’s the guy and Kamala Harris has become the first in so many areas. Makes a man proud! At least me anyway.

Of course, Trump is throwing a Mantrum but that’s fine. It’s probably pretty tough to lose something like this. Hillary, if you recall, ran off to the woods.

Now, Trump and his motley crew are demanding investigations, filing lawsuits to stop the count or keep it going. Statements of fraud, illegal votes and stealing the election are being thrown around at about the same frequency as the word treason. Probably because those spouting it off have no idea what it means.

My musing is this: let the investigations happen. Let the lawsuits happen. Seriously. Let them.

Why? Because our elections need to have something like this each and every time. Processes like this where the entire election process is investigated must happen to make a better, and more honest election. Simply accepting what the press says at the end of the night is NOT how you ensure an accurate and fair election.

So, until something better happens, let the lawsuits and investigations happen. Then, maybe, Congress might do something to make sure we don’t have to do it again. I’m just sayin

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember a turkey’s favorite dessert is PEACH GOBBLER!!!! Get it?!?!


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