Ed-vise Episode 43

Yeah I know, I miss counted…again. What do you expect from a liberal arts major!

That aside, GOOD MORNING and Happy Friday to you all my faithful and loyal readers and seekers of knowledge, wit, and wisdom!!!

Today’s bit o trivia: James Naismith. Don’t freak out now because he was born in Canadia. So, he’s Canadian. He was working at the Springfield YMCA dealing with a bunch of cooped up kids that needed an outlet for their energies. Naismith had a favorite game called Duck on a Rock which involved throwing a rock at a target. There’s more to it but not now. The boss in charge of the Y gave him 14 days to come up with an indoor game for the kids. So, Naismith came up with a non-physical game of passing a soccer type ball between players to an unguarded goal placed high above everyone’s head. Later he brought in some peach baskets for the goals and called the game Basket Ball. So, a Canadian invented basketball… just giving the facts people


Free for All Friday Ed-vise today

Man o man o man!!! Is it not an awesome time to participate and observe the shake out of ‘Merican politics!!! The whole world is watching and Iran called our process a joke! Have they no shame?

I remember back in 2000 election between G.W. Bush and Gore. The hanging chad thing where Florida used punch ballots and the election was so close they ended up re-counting them all. Something like 200 votes separated the candidates. Bush won despite not having the popular vote… and people were PISSED! I mean the dems were HOTTTT!!

Fast forward to 2016 and it happens to the dems AGAIN! Trump wins the electoral vote and not the popular vote!

2020 finds the Republicans lawyering up to fight the elections. About time the Republicans get all bent out of shape about the election results.

Which gets me to today’s Ed-vise with a question: Why do we, as the voters, not have better candidates? I am looking at BOTH parties. Why have the parties not given us better candidates? Better still, why have WE accepted the candidates given to us? We are literally forcing ourselves into having to choose between column A or column B.

I’ll share a secret with you all: The blank spot at the bottom of the candidates is for you to write in the person (or whatever) you believe is better for the future of ‘Merica. It is NOT throwing away your vote. It is telling the two parties that monopolize the system that their days are numbered. It is you saying “I do NOT want your sick cow to lead my country.”

I earned 3 votes this time around. Let’s see what 2024 leads to. I’m just sayin

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember it is NOT safe to run in glass slippers I don’t care what Walt Disney says.


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