Ed-vise Episode 47

A blustery GOOD MORNING to you all. I don’t mind the rain but when you add wind, well, that means no morning walk for the dog… Sorry!

Today’s bit o trivia: George Stanley McGovern. He was from South Dakota. Along with being from this traditionally red state, he was very progressive in his thinking. Coming out of WW2 it is safe to say he found a real problem with the military industrial complex. Especially when it came to Vietnam. I pointed out yesterday his quote about the young dying for the dreams of old men. He really felt that way. In addition, he saw the impact the war was having on minorities (especially the black community) and how they were treated on their return. Even ran for president once in 1972 and was instrumental in passing legislation that would, in theory, prevent another 1968 Democrat Convention in Chicago riot… what a disaster that was. Interesting man worthy of further study.


Free For All Friday Ed-vise

Got some rantings this morning. My apologies.

I opened my loaf of bread for some toast this morning. A bit of toast with butter and jam gets a great day going.

Reach in like I do after opening removing the plastic thing. Reach in and grab two slices. Guess what? THERE WAS A HOLE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAMN LOAF! The size of a quarter! DA HELL MAN!?!?! Do you know how much hassle that is to spread butter around a whole without getting it all over the paper towel? Hell has a special place for bread makers that sell a loaf with a hole in the middle. That’s my rant.

Deutsche Bank Research put out a report that has the internet going crazy. Why? Because it has some ideas about rebuilding and one is not too popular: taxing work from home workers 5% per day. The government could do that and re-distribute that money to those who have lower wages.

Now, the re-distribution thing is one topic. The unpopular sentiment is another. The question for you, my readers, is responding. You see, we encounter unpopular ideas all the time. At least, I would hope you do. You should because you are living a life that involves engaging with people and their ideas about life. If I can give anyone anything, I would give them the gift of listening. Hear the subject and keep your heart open for the love of another human being.

Keep this quote I heard some time ago: I love you; God loves you; and we’re not going to do it that way. It will give you peace of mind.

My two cents on the Deutsch Bank research: how about they not engaging in risky lending practices like lending to property developers who don’t pay back their loans… I’m just sayin

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember there are bread makers out there that will cheat you. They are cold and heartless and filled with evil!


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