Ed-vise Episode 52

What up what up what up!?!?! A cold GOOD MORNING! to you all! Ever have one of those mornings where you end up sneezing a bunch and can’t stop? Yup, that was my morning!

Today’s bit o trivia: Ergosphere. Yeah, I said it and I’ll say it again ERGOSPHERE. Not ergonomics. But Ergosphere. See, there are these things in space call “Black Holes.” Those are what scientists believe are stars that have collapsed on themselves so much so that the gravity pulls everything into it. This includes light. It was also a pretty cool movie back in the 80s produced by Disney. But I digress. The Ergosphere touches the event horizon of a black hole at the poles and you can extract things from this sphere which will have the same size as the black hole. Why it doesn’t get pulled in… how the hell should I know. I’m still trying to figure out the Event Horizon!


Monday Musings Ed-vise today

Drive down to the farm type weekend this past weekend. This allows me to listen to podcasts which I have grown to love.

As a lawyer type, I listen to, well, lawyer type podcasts. One that I enjoyed was called Abuse of Power with two criminal defense attorneys.

They talked about the case of Timothy Bridges. Bridges was wrongly accused and convicted of rape in North Carolina. North Carolina put him behind bars for 25 years. 25 years! That’s 25 years of this man’s life gone. His mom and grandmother died while he was in prison. 25 years! You know what makes this so wrong (I wish there were stronger words)? The police investigators knew, KNEW, they had the wrong man! For 25 years, the police and investigators killed this man, Timothy Bridges. And they knew they were doing it. You can read about some of it here: https://innocenceproject.org/cases/timothy-bridges/

In comparison to population sizes, good ol ‘Merica puts more people in prison that any other country in the world. This includes the ones we always say are human rights violators like Russia and China. One state points out that there are approximately 230,000 innocent people in prison. That’s 230,000 human beings who were compelled to plead guilty or were wrongly prosecuted. So, think about this: what price can you put on the loss of 25 years of your life? How much is that time worth to you? I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember the COVID gathering restrictions might not get enforced, but… it does give the police probable cause to come in and search your house.


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