Ed-vise Episode 53

A 39 degree GOOD MORNING to you all!!! Holy Cats is that chilly. Not enough though to keep the dog in from it’s walk!

Today’s bit o trivia: Wolfgang Rindler and the Event Horizon. To my loyalists, yesterday I talked about figuring out the Event Horizon word. Well, Wolfgang was the guy who coined the phrase. He, like many of his time, was a child that was smuggled out of continental Europe in 1938 to escape the Nazi persecution of Jewish peoples. Like many humans, everything needs a label. So, he was contemplating black holes one day. You know, the Disney movie. Just Kidding. No, the collapsed star where nothing escapes. Well, he wanted to label the part just outside a black hole that, theoretically, is not entering the black hole. So, he called it the “Event Horizon.” Why? Because he could and that is how we began to oppress black holes!


Tech Talk Tuesday Ed-vise today

As some of you may know, I am a beginning wood worker. What does that mean? It means, currently, I am cutting wood into various lengths and joining them into different configurations. If you ask me to build you a cabinet, I will build you a theoretical cabinet. It might not be square, or solid, or joined correctly. It could very well end up bigger and heavier than your wall can support. However, you will have a cabinet.

I don’t receive any endorsements. I will endorse a product none the less.

This is a Microjig.

And it is soooo coool! You use it with your table saw. The slots you see travel over the blade while the handle and the grip surfaces on the bottom hold the wood in line with the blade. It keeps the pressure on the wood while keeping your hands away from the blade.

If I were to “rip” a bunch of boards through the saw, I would use this (of course). I would gain in efficiency because I can quickly move the wood across the blade knowing I won’t get my fingers cut off. My speed improves because my mind knows I am protected. See, that is how safety works! I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember if you want to creep yourself out, record yourself as you sit alone all day, then play it back.


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