Ed-vise Episode 64

Well another fine GOOD MORNING! to you all and a Happy Friday as well!!! Time for some more Ed-vise today.

Today’s bit o trivia: The Chaco War. WHAAATTT?!?! What is that?! Well, my readers and seekers of knowledge, that is why you read this stuff: To become the most learned at the party! This war went on from 1928 to 1935 between (drum roll please)… Paraguay and Bolivia. Those two countries had been fighting it out for-a-long-time! Off and on again from around 1864. And both countries, at times, had their populations absolutely decimated by the wars and subsequent mess inherited by the loser. Bolivia was better equipped and trained but had low morale. Paraguay had enough arms and training to get the job done along with a much higher morale. Paraguay took Bolivia into the jungles and swamps and took care of business. Eventually, Argentina was able to get the two countries to end the fighting but not until the Bolivian populace had been devastated. And so, once again, we see young men fighting and dying in wars that old men dream up!


Free For All Friday Ed-vise today

And I have to weigh in on the ridiculous lawsuit filed by Paxton, who is acting like an attorney general from Texas.

See, he, along with the other elected, red state attorneys general all, ALL, are motivated to do this for political points. That is the ONLY reason they are doing this and making a mockery of the legal world. I have to believe that the law schools these people went to most certainly educated them about the Constitution and how the courts actually work!

Paxton is motivated by the hope of a pardon before Trump leaves office. He needs a pardon because he is under investigation for his security fraud activity.

The red state Attorneys Generals are motivated by the fact they are elected and 72 million voters voted for Trump. Thus, they FEAR not being re-elected and having to get a real job. Rather than do what is right, they cow tail to a vocal minority of Hannity, Limbaugh, and Fox News to try and keep their job.

In reading the submitted briefs, it looks like this: Texas is suing Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia because Texas doesn’t like how those four states deal with their own laws. Hmmm. Interesting. Texas does not allege that the people of Texas have been harmed. Thus, there is a little bit of a standing issue. If you’re not harmed, you don’t get to sue.

Standing aside, clearly, these red state folk have NOT thought this through should they win. Why? Well, if Texas does manage to prevail on the merits, shortly thereafter, I bet California will sue Texas because Texas doesn’t have enough gun laws. And then, Oregon will sue Florida because Florida doesn’t have a higher minimum wage. And on and on and on!

Funny how the loud mouths of the Three Stooges (Sean, Rush, and Tucker) all claim how the dems are whiny shore losers who cry… well… just like they are now. I’m just saying.

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember dads tell Dad Jokes because they want you to be Groan Up!!!


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