Ed-vise Episode 67

Oh MAAAAANNN!!! I let you down by not blogging for two days!! Heartfelt Sorry! So, GOOOD MORNING to you all! My most blessed readers!

Today’s bit o trivia: Alfonso the Battler. Seriously? What kind of parent would name their kid Alfonso the Battler?! A parent that doesn’t want their kid bullied that’s who! Still, I bet he got beat up all the time. If you like the show Housewives of (insert city of choice) then you would absolutely love Housewives of Ancient Europe. And Alfonso’s was no different. Her name was Urraca. Lived in Spain in the 1100s. These two were 2nd cousins and were in an arranged marriage. Well, these two NEVER had a happy marriage unless they were fighting. And by fighting I don’t mean like husband and wife having a spat about staying out late. No, no, no. These two would go to actual war with troops and siege type weapons. They were no joke. Except to the pope who nullified their marriage. But, no pope was gonna tell these two what to do! I should do a show about Real Housewives of Old. That would be cool!


Free For All Friday Ed-vise today

Plenty going on these days. Vaccines being the big story (along with a 70+ year old sore loser throwing a temper tantrum).

I listened to Brett Weinstein talk about the virus on his Dark Horse podcast. He and his wife, Heather, do a great job of putting to rest some of the conspiracies surrounding the vaccine along with how this particular vaccine works. They also do a wonderful job of laying out why the statement “the benefits outweigh the harm” is dangerous. It’s dangerous to say that because we don’t have enough information to say that.

Of course, there’s lots of people asking questions along the employee/ employer relation related to the “vaccine.” Primarily can my boss make me take it. In a nutshell: they can with limited exceptions.

The better question is why you would or would not take it?

Without watching the puppets on Fox put out the lies they know hook their viewers ask yourself that question of why you would or would not. Think about it deeply. Take the time to educate yourself about the virus and how this “vaccine” actually works. Dig deep into research on sciencedaily.com or other sites and papers. Do your homework and become informed on this topic. If you are one of my readers, I will be highly disappointed in you if your objection to taking the vaccine is “Tucker Carlson said so.” You may as well tell me you get your medical advise from Jenny McCarthy. I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember the dating app for an arborist is Timber!


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