Ed-vise Episode 68

What up What up What Up!!?!? GOOD MORNING to you all on a rainy, and I do mean RAINY Monday Morning.

Today’s bit o trivia: Edward Hibberd Johnson. Every Christmas, you should thank this man in your prayers. See back in the day, they used to use candles on Christmas trees. These looked really cool. Kids laughed. Thought they were really swell… until they caught the tree on fire and burned the place to the ground. So, Johnson, who worked as the biz brain for Edison came up with a brilliant, and expensive, idea. He would use the joys of electricity along with the glow of lightbulbs that were colored. He physically strung together 80 red and white lightbulbs along an electrical wire and turned them on. The NY Times in 1884 counted 120… but whose counting. So, it was Johnson that came up with the festive lights idea on your house and your tree… You’re welcome!


Monday Musings Ed-vise today

As you all know, I am a safety consultant. It’s what I do.

Now, for the holidays, we planned a trip to So. Cal. with my parents. Long drive, but I like driving. Well, as you know, COVID is ravaging the nation. California is no exception. The website for the state tells out of state travelers to avoid traveling to California. Hotels are, sort of closed. Rest stops are open. Airports are open. Freeways are open. But the website from the state says to avoid California.

My musing has to do with state and local governments getting serious about this COVID situation. People are still traveling into and out of the states. All of them. Stop half assing this thing and lock it down. If that is what needs to happen then DO IT! Stop making exceptions to the rule; stop making recommendations; stop making threats you will not enforce.

And, here’s something else to chew on over some coffee. It has to do with folks who don’t want to contain their germs by wearing a mask. Back in a few of our major conflicts, these are the same people that WOULD NOT sacrifice for the greater good of ‘Merica. When it came to rubber drives and conserving fuel and victory gardens, rest assured, these people would NOT help in the effort. I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember Dasher and Dancer drink coffee because they are Santa’s STAR BUCKS!


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