Ed-vise Episode 69

Yo yo yo! Kinda like Ho Ho Ho but with a Y. Good morning/ afternoon to you all!!! It’s time for another episode of Ed-vise!

Today’s bit o trivia: Joseph and Mary. Which pair? Depends on what pair you want to talk about. The first famous ones were the mother of Jesus and the begrudging father. Read that story and you learn that one of Josephs cousins overheard Mary talking and ran off to tell Joseph. Custom at the time was that Mary was supposed to be put to death. So, Joseph weds her and teaches Jesus about carpentry. He died before Jesus was crucified. The other Mary and Joseph were brother and sister. Mary and Joseph Anning were running around the Jurassic Coast of Dorsett one day in 1811. Minding their business and digging around. Well, they came across the skull of an Ichthyosaur! That, my friends, if your break down the word is a fish lizard (Ichthy – fish; osaur – lizard). Big old reptilian fish. NOT A DINOSAUR and will become very offended it you make the mistake… SO DON’T!


Tech Talk Tuesday Ed-vise today

Building a coffee table for my kid’s new apartment. You all know I am an amateur carpenter no where near the skill of Jesus. Although, we don’t have any carpentry things from Jesus. Hmmm…

So, I don’t have a jointer or band saw… yet. So, I tried to cut down a 2 x 4 to a 1 x 4. How? By putting the board on it’s edge and running it longways over a table saw blade set to cut 1/2 the depth of the board. I would then flip the board over and do it again. In theory, I should have, approximately, two 1 x 4 boards right?

First, if you flip the board over along the same way you ran it though, your cut will be off and you will have a “dog leg” cut. Thus, you have to flip the board over by rotating the board end over end, 180 degrees. Then the bade will one up.

Second, the table saw blade is a self cleaning thing. Meaning it removes the saw dust by the design fo the blade. Removal of the dust is vital to a smooth operation and avoiding burning of the wood. The first cut that I did, I learned that the saw dust does not get kicked out creating a bunch of excess friction. When I flipped the board over to do side 2, there was enough dust and friction to bog down the blade. That bogging will be compensated by the saw demanding more electricity. If you have too many things plugged, like lights or battery chargers, it will create too much resistance and will “pop” the circuit breaker in your garage. They don’t teach that in school. I’m just saying.

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember any time you get a message about canned meat, delete it. IT’S SPAM!!!


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