Ed-vise Episode 70

A cold GOOD MORNING to you all!!! And I do mean it was cold this morning! Ice on some standing water… not fun.

Today’s bit o trivia: Private Eddie Slovik. WW2 guy from Detroit. Born on the wrong side of the tracks and was dubbed morally unfit to be drafted into WW2. After he got married, the draft board reconsidered and drafted him. Sent him off to France to fight right around the time of the Battle of the Bulge. That fighting did not sit well with Mr. Slovik. He wrote a letter saying he was deserting; deserted and was given a court martial. That’s military speak for military type justice stuff. His thinking was he would get a dishonorable discharge and sent to prison. Of course, when you tell the military where you want to go, they don’t listen very well. Instead, the put him up in front of a firing squad and executed him. First guy shot for desertion; last one to date.


Tech Talk Tuesday Ed-vise today

Let’s talk a bit about messenger RNA. Why? Because that is what the “vaccine” is based on. I put vaccine in quotations because, well, this shot is not a traditional vaccine.

Messenger RNA, I have learned, is actually very fragile. Meaning it takes nothing for it to die. You probably heard that the mRNA takes a super cold storage and transportation system. Well, that cold keeps it stable and keeps it alive.

When it’s time to inject the stuff, it has to warm up. Which means it is exposed to the potential for dying. If you inject an ice cold/ sub zero substance into your body, bad things happen. Very bad things.

So, it gets warmed up enough to inject. Once injected, it has only so much time to get into a cell. Cells don’t just open up and allow anything in. Hell no! Those cells keep bad things out. To a cell, EVERYTHING is bad! More potential for death of mRNA.

That being the case, the mRNA has to have some sort of protection to exist long enough to negotiate with a cell and be allowed in. So, Pfizer and Moderna have put a synthetic something around the mRNA to keep it alive. What is it? Great question! It’s proprietary which means WE WILL NEVER KNOW!

Once the mRNA gets into the cell, the cell can start putting out antibodies for COVID. And once again, the human race can get back to doing what we do best: MAKING WAR on each other! I’m just saying.

That’s if for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember a pirate pays a buccaneer for corn. GET IT!?!?!


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