Ed-vise Episode 71

A record setting cold GOOD MORNING to you all!!! Holy cats was it cold this morning! I also realized that in my writings, I made a mistake in what day it was along with taking a few days off over the holidays. But, I’m BACK! Guess who’s back; back again?!?!

Today’s bit o trivia: Violet Jessop. If this woman is on a cruise ship with you, you may want to consider getting off. Of course, she is dead now, but still. See, back in 1911, she took on her first job as a stewardess on board the White Star liner RMS Olympic. Well, it ran into a battle ship and almost sank. So, that one is decommissioned. She keeps working with White Star and gets a job on another one… RMS Titanic. Yeah. You know where that one goes. So, she survives. Then, staying with White Star, she gets on board the British Hospital Ship Britannic. It has an unexplained explosion and sinks but not before chopping a bunch of people up in the propeller. Well, White Star HR finally had enough of her and told her how “it wasn’t working out” with her. So, she left and joined a mail type ship where she sailed around the world a couple times. She finally died of heart failure in 1971 at 83 years young… and never learned to swim. Just kidding


Tech Talk Tuesday Ed-vise today

The vaccine!!! You know which one. The one that has a microchip in it created by Bill Gates to take over the world and make us all zombies! Actually, that is not true in any way shape or form. Still, want to bring up a couple points on this.

First, even though you get the vaccine, it will take a bit before we can take off the masks. Booooooo!!!

I know. See, the vaccine is a two part injection which is three weeks apart. So, you get injection number one. Your body does it’s thing. Then, you go back, get checked for antibody development, and receive vaccine two. So, right there you’re looking at 3 weeks before you can say “I’m Cured!”

Then, after you get shot number two, it’s like another 5 weeks before your body develops the full level of antibodies you will need to fight off COVID. FIVE WEEKS at least! If you recall, COVID is a respiratory thing. Not a blood thing. So, you get the shot into the blood. The virus spreads through your snot and spit. It takes a bit for the blood cells to develop the antibodies AND to transmit that information to the cells in your mucus membranes found in your nose and throat. So, all you people who think you had it and are no longer a carrier. Guess what? You are so keep your nasty behind a mask. I’m just saying.

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember trees use the internet by LOGGING in! Get it?!?!


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